Family and experience park in Miskolc-Tapolca

2015.05.20. 23:48:57

In Miskolctapolca, on the area of former car camping, there is now the newly built Avalon Family, Fun and Experience Park, which is shortly going to open it's gates.


Good news from Miskolctapolca

2015.02.08. 23:16:24

According the 2014 turistical statistics, Miskolctapolca got into the 10 most frequently visited holiday resorts.


Current weather of Miskolctapolca

2014.08.20. 13:11:38

Before going for a walk on Miskolctapolca, or for a visit in the Cave Bath, one thing will probably interest everyone: the current weather of Miskolc.


Miskolctapolca Cave Bath business our

2014.08.03. 09:30:38

The opening ours of the Cave Bath is such an information that everyone want to know who visit Miskolctapolca.


Miskolctapolcai bus schedule

2014.07.28. 13:50:05

The center of Miskolc can be reached in 20 minutes from almost all points of Miskolctapolca.


Current ticket prices of Miskolctapolca cave-bath

2014.06.25. 18:14:58

Most visitors of Miskolctapolca are interested in the ticket prices of Cave Bath.


Stalactite Miskolctapolca

2014.06.25. 18:02:10

This is what we dont't have in Miskolctapolca, although a lot of people search for it. But we have one in Miskolc, in Lillafüred: the St Stefan-cave.


Aurora Miskolctapolca

2014.06.03. 19:47:04

Do you know what is Aurora? Many things, but also a Hotel in Miskolctapolca. The youngest, five-star wellness Hotel of Miskolctapolca is Hotel Aurora****